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Over 400 tramping tracks nationwide with related access, permits, regulations and accommodation.

Tramping and bush walking is one of New Zealander's favourite past times and arguably we have one of the best countries in the world to do it in. Colin Moore has walked a great number of these tracks over the last 40 years and along with other Xpert trampers has compiled a list of the top tracks available to us. SpotX Tramping New Zealand will be one of the most comprehensive books of it's kind with detailed topographical maps showing full details of these walks. In keeping with the SpotX tradition of offering the very best outdoor knowledge in each field the tracks listed will have details showing:

  • Type of walk and degree of difficulty
  • Local terrain - mountains, forests, coastline etc…
  • Duration and distance
  • Accommodation, cabins and camping facilities
  • Expert tips on equipment, access, permits and regulations
  • Plus feedback from Colin or one of our Xperts that have walked the track.

Your guide to tramping in New Zealand

Author: Colin Moore
ISBN: 1-877374-60-1
Edition:1st Edition (224 pages)


Nationwide Tramping Regions

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