Nine Mile Bluff


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SpotX surfing (124.1)
Best Wind Icons:E,SE
Best Swell Icons:SW,W
Best Tide:Mid to Low tide
Best Swell Size:Large
Wave Type:Reef Break
Access:Travel north from Greymouth on SH6 to Port Elizabeth and then continue north along the coast. Just before the road curves inland find a car park and walk down through the bush to the beach below. Continue north along SH6 to Greigs, then follow the coast to find more breaks along 14, 16 and 17-mile Bluffs.
Features:The Bluff is an awesome left-hand reef-point set-up that handles solid swells. Long walls with hollow sections then it fattens out, with a big close-out onto the shingle banks. Uncrowded spot. Further north up the highway is an endless array of reefs and rocky outcrops, each of which breaks on different-sized swell days and swell angles. Never crowded. In fact, you will be looking for fellow surfers.


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