Rangitata River Mouth, north side


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SpotX surfing (149.3)
Best Wind Icons:W
Best Swell Icons:S,SW
Best Tide:Low tide
Best Swell Size:X Large
Wave Type:Point Break
Access:Travel west from Riverton on SH99 (Orepuki Riverton Highway) along the coast, then slightly inland and look for the Colac Bay turn-off. Head left (south) along Colac Bay Road, then right onto Colac Foreshore Road. Continue along the rocky headland, with plenty of car parking on the side of the road.
Features:Another spot that can handle solid waves. Big, straight, south and southwest lines wrap around Oraka Point, then they slightly refract before barrelling down the line past the rocky foreshore. Some good, hollow tube sections, with a powerful push and grunt to the wave. A strong drift and current on bigger-swell days, so a hard paddle out, or walk along the foreshore and look for a launch rock. Best to follow the local surfers (or Nick) as the rocks are sharp and covered in kelp.


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