Tom Bowling Bay


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SpotX surfing (15.3)
Best Wind Icons:SE,S
Best Swell Icons:N,NE
Best Tide:Low to Mid tide
Best Swell Size:Large
Wave Type:Beach Break
Break:Left & Right
Access:Travel north from Kaitaia on SH1 through Houhora, then continue north through to Karatia, or Thomas Landing. Turn right onto Te Hapua Road and head east, then right where Te Hapua Road intersects with Spirits Bay Road. Travel through on the rough 4WD track, then turn left (north). A long walk through bush and sandhills to the beach. Take a compass.
Features:Worth a long walk, as Tom Bowling Bay is another beautiful, but isolated, beach with good-quality waves. It's clean offshore on south and southeast winds when most beaches are wind-swept with sideshore, choppy conditions. Clean northeast swells wedge directly into the bay. At the south end is a reef-point setup which offers more grunty right-handers.


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