Otaki Beach


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SpotX surfing (113.1)
Best Wind Icons:SW,W
Best Swell Icons:E,SE,S
Best Tide:Mid to Low tide
Best Swell Size:Medium
Wave Type:Beach Break
Break:Left & Right
Access:Travel north from Kaikoura on SH1, over the Hapuku River, then to the coast. Continue past Mangamaunu and look for an iron gate, then a road tunnel as the road curves and follows the Pacific Ocean. There will be different breaks along this stretch of coast, with various rocky outcrops, but the more consistent break is at Okiwi. Watch out for cars and trucks on the busy highway, also trains which blast out of the tunnels. Then there are the fur seals.
Features:A good spot if you can't handle the crowds at Mangamaunu, but it's not a 'quality' surf break. Reasonable left and right-hand fat peaks breaking over different reefs and also semi-clean on north/northeast-wind days, which are very common along the Kaikoura Coast.


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