Last Chance


SpotX Surfing Spots in Hawkes Bay
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SpotX surfing (86.1)
Best Wind Icons:SW
Best Swell Icons:NE,E,SE
Best Tide:High to Mid tide
Best Swell Size:Medium
Wave Type:Reef Break
Access:Travel southeast from Gisborne on SH2 to Nuhaka. Turn left on the Nuhaka road, then onto Opoutama Road. Follow through to Mahanga Road, then north to Mahanga Beach. Look for Happy Jacks Road on the right. Pay the local bros to surf, or else a long paddle/boat ride from Mahanga Beach.
Features:Last Chance gets its name because it's hardly ever flat, so when the rest of the spots around the coast are flat, take a surf check. Obviously a swell magnet, it picks up remnants of southerly swell, but really fires up on punchy northeast swells. A long, left speed run with very hollow take-off, then a long section good for roundhouse cut-backs, but gets shallow so look for rocky boil-ups. Clean offshore on gusty west/northwest winds, with more left breaks further north.


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