Tairua Beach


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SpotX surfing (48.3)
Best Wind Icons:S,SW
Best Swell Icons:NE,E
Best Tide:Low tide
Best Swell Size:Large
Wave Type:Beach Break
Break:Left & Right
Access:Travel north from Whangamata on SH25 to the junction where it meets 25A. Turn right on the Tairua road, or the continuation of SH25, around the estuary to the township. Head north through town, a sharp right along Ocean Beach Road, then look for car parks along the length of the beach.
Features:A low-tide favourite surf spot, Tairua can produce excellent waves with punchy, hollow, big A-frame peaks all along the beach on solid northeast and east long groundswells. The banks change on a regular basis, but with a good offshore southwest wind expect some very hollow, fat tubes that will spit you out. Heavy, hard-breaking shore break. Good right-handers occasionally peel off the point at the southern end out to the right of the local surf club. Gets crowded, but only at weekends.


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