Magnet Bay


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SpotX surfing (131.3)
Best Wind Icons:NE,NW
Best Swell Icons:SE,S
Best Tide:Mid to Low tide
Best Swell Size:Large
Wave Type:Reef Break
Access:Travel south from Christchurch City through Gebbies Pass Road, then onto SH75 to Little River. Continue south on Kinloch Road, right down Bossu Road and turn down Te Oka Bay Road. Follow onto Magnet Bay Road and travel down the hill to the bay below. Car parks and a short walk to the headland below.
Features:One of the premier surf breaks and the most famous in the Christchurch region, Magnet Bay is a powerful left reef-point set-up. Picks up the long-period, southerly, deep ocean swells, which push north and then implode over the exposed reef. Super-powerful wave with a fast sucking take-off, then a long wall with some hollow tube sections. Best of all, it is offshore on northeast winds, which come up most days in the region. Gets super-crowded, making it difficult to get waves on weekends.


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