Pakiri Beach


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SpotX surfing (37.2)
Best Wind Icons:S,SW
Best Swell Icons:NE,E,SE
Best Tide:Mid to Low tide
Best Swell Size:Medium
Wave Type:Beach Break
Break:Left & Right
Access:At Warkworth turn right from SH1 onto Matakana Road. Follow on to Leigh Road and the township. Turn left onto Pakiri Hill Road and then up over the hills and down to the valley floor. Turn right along Pakiri River Road to the beach car park and toilets, right on the beach.
Features:Another isolated beach with various breaks north and south along its length. It gets empty as you head north away from the car park. Makes for very uncrowded surf and there is a river estuary bar about 700 metres north, which produces excellent left and right peaks on either side. Further south is a semi-reef point with a good grunty right-hander in southeast/east swells. In front of the car park are good A-frame peaks — more so on the lower tides.


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