A small amount of berley, wetted and broadcast over the general area you want to fish – normally from a jetty or wharf, or a boat moored in the shallows – will draw piper to your bait.
Like any fish, piper need to be treated well to get the best out of them tastewise and this means keeping them cool with ice.
To cook piper, head, gut and gill the fish then gently roll with a rolling pin or bottle to break the backbone and make it easy to remove the flesh when eating. Piper/garfish have many fine scales, which can be washed off under the tap while rubbing gently with your fingers. Dry thoroughly before cooking. Sam Mossman recommends cooking your piper whole, just gutting them before cooking. Make a small cut in the tail and place the bill through it to form a circle with the fish. After cooking, the fish is straightened and the flesh comes away easily from the bone.


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