Hunting 3rd Edition

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Gambrid Hunting

Over 1000 spots nationwide, featuring 23 species with regulations, contacts and facilities..

This is the biggest selling hunting book in New Zealand, with the first three issues completely sold out. In this, the fourth edition, Mark Airey has updated the existing spots.

There are over 1,000 hunting spots throughout this 256 page book and each spot is illustrated on a topographic map with details of species available, accommodation, access, permits, restrictions and short but accurate hunting tips for each area.

Any hunters wanting to chase any wild animals from Chamois to Samba, visit locations from Stewart Island to the Far North, this book will show them where to go. It provides contacts for transport, and where to find up-to-date information on the area you have chosen for your next hunt. With a number of spots in each area for every species you can pick a location to suit your abilities.Whether a novice or seasoned hunter, this book has something new for everyone.

•illustrated with 1:50 000 & 1:250 000 topographic maps
•information on over 1000 hunting spots
•species available
•access, permits, restrictions
•Xpert hunting tips that all hunters will need to know when planning their next adventure.

Author: Mark Draper & Mark Airey
ISBN: 978-1-877374-75-3
Edition:3rd Edition (256 pages)
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Nationwide Hunting Regions
Auckland / Waikato
Stewart Island
Te Urewera
West Coast