Fishing Knowledge 3rd Edition

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Every boat in New Zealand should have a Spot X NZ Fishing Knowledge Book, it is also a reference book on the things most important to boaties including the products and services of the publications sponsors.

• 89 pages of Fishing & Boating How-to.
• Tides throughout NZ from Dec 2011 to Feb 2013, 2 years (3 summers)
• Soft bait fishing with knots and rigs needed.
• Shore fishing techniques and rigs.
• Trolling, harling, spinning and flyfishing for trout.
• Rope knots and splices.
• Regular features include.
• Fishing Regulations,
• Boat Ramps and Marinas updated.
• Fishing / Boating Trip Log
• Tides
• Fishing Knots & Rigs
• Essential Fishing knots & Rigs
• Baiting techniques
• Safe Boating
• Weather Information
• Water safety
• VHF Channels
• Coastguards
• Harbour Masters
• On the water First Aid
• Eating your catch including recipes

Author: John Eichelsheim
ISBN: 1-877374-72-2
Edition: 3rd Edition (128pages)