Turkeys are not a designated game bird and can be hunted all year round; however, May through to October when they are not eating crickets that can taint the meat are the preferred months for harvesting. As with all game, the younger birds are more tender and better tasting, although the breast off a mature gobbler is still well worth eating.
In the United States hunting turkey is a skilled art, practised by calling and luring the trophy birds into the range of a camouflaged hunter. It’s a huge sport that, after generations of hunting, has evolved smart, cunning and wary birds throughout the States.
In contrast our turkeys are used to humans and do not see them as a real threat: shooting a turkey for the pot is relatively easy. Take your time; do not chase them, which only stresses them, and pick your shot carefully so as not to ruin the meat.
When you have successfully bagged your turkey let it hang for a day or two before plucking and gutting. Scalding the bird in a bucket of boiling water can make the plucking easier, or just simply skin the chest area and remove the breast meat and legs.


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