Whangamata Harbour


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SpotX cruising (163.3)
Exposed to Wind:Nil.
Exposed to Swell:Nil.
Bottom Type:Sand.
Suitable:Gale Force
Anchoring Tips:Despite a common misperception, this harbour does not have a bar entrance. The bar is generally to the sou' west of the entrance, which has a stable 1.3-metre depth at MLW. Keep close to the starboard markers going in; follow the three visitor mooring buoys to the right so as to pass a sand spit in the middle and then turn directly to the wharf. Contact the harbour master before attempting to enter.
Services:Substantial wharf, with water. Gamefishing club and shops.
Features:Marina opens in November 2009.
Contacts:Whangamata Coastguard, VHF Ch 84; Maritime Radio, VHF Ch 68. Whangamata Harbour Master Dave Moncur (021) 594 563.

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