Te Hapua


SpotX Cruising Spots in North Cape
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SpotX cruising (23.3)
Exposed to Wind:N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW.
Exposed to Swell:Nil.
Bottom Type:Sand.
Suitable:Gale Force
Anchoring Tips:It is recommended that you never attempt to enter the harbour in an easterly. A sand spit extends out of the southern headland; entering the harbour is a bar crossing and great care must be taken. The channel heading directly west from the entrance is Parenga Channel and will take you to the Te Hapua wharf, which has 3m of water. Tidal current can be very strong. Due to the low-lying land the harbour is exposed to wind from every direction.
Services:The small village of Te Hapua has no store.
Features:A strong concrete wharf can make a safe mooring while exploring the amazing harbour in your tender.
Contacts:Coastguard Far North VHF Ch 60, 61, 83; Maritime NZ VHF Ch 68.

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