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SpotX Cruising Spots in Mercury Bay
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  SpotX cruising (152.1)
Exposed to Wind:E,SE,S,SW,W.
Exposed to Swell:E,SE,S,SW.
Bottom Type:Sand.
Suitable:Fair Weather
Anchoring Tips:Drying rock just east of bay's centre. Anchor on western side in 3-5m on a sandy bottom. Good holding. Watch for rocks off Mercury Island's south-west point if approaching from west. Move to island's White Beach if wind swings to east, or to Opito Bay if it backs to the west.
Features:Another beautiful bay for a settled weather anchorage. This is a private island where the owners have always made visiting boaties welcome. Please treat it with respect. Leave no rubbish and close gates behind you.
Contacts:Coastguard Whitianga, VHF Ch 86; Weather VHF Ch 21, 23; Maritime Radio working channel, VHF Ch 68.
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