Kawau Island


SpotX Cruising Spots in Kawau Island
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SpotX cruising (97.1)
Exposed to Wind:SE,S,SW,W,NW.
Exposed to Swell:SE,S,SW,W,NW.
Bottom Type:Sand,Shingle.
Suitable:Fair Weather
Anchoring Tips:Alternative anchorage to those on north coast of these two islands when wind from north to north-east. Anchor 50-100m off steep shingle beach in 3-5m with moderate holding. Watch for extended shingle bank off western point of Motutara Island.
Features:Well sheltered and pleasant anchorage usually for daytime only. West end of island used to be a quarry for red chip. Department of Conservation island and landing permitted, preferably with no animals due to nesting sea birds.
Contacts:Ship to ship Kawau Island repeater, VHF Ch 03; Coastguard, VHF Ch 80 & Ch 82; Continuous weather, VHF Ch 21.
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