Stephenson Island


SpotX Cruising Spots in Houhora + Cavallis Islands
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SpotX cruising (34.3)
Exposed to Wind:E,SE,S,SW,W.
Exposed to Swell:NW.
Bottom Type:Rocks,Seaweed.
Suitable:Wind Warning
Anchoring Tips:Two anchorages are favoured by the locals: this one and the bay around to the west of the island in 4m of water. Both anchorages are over a foul bottom; lay your anchor carefully. Be aware that Homestead Bay on the western side of the island has submerged rocks in close.
Features:The island is private land and is an operating drystock farm with sheep and cattle. Please give due respect and do not leave litter on the beaches. Diving and fishing is excellent all around the island with Cone Island at the northern end favoured by the locals.
Contacts:Coastguard Far North VHF Ch 60, 61, 84; Maritime NZ VHF Ch 71.

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