Pareanui Bay


SpotX Cruising Spots in Great Barrier + Outer Islands
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SpotX cruising (77.1)
Exposed to Wind:NE,E,SE,S.
Exposed to Swell:Nil.
Bottom Type:Broken Shell,Sand,Shingle.
Suitable:Gale Force
Anchoring Tips:Good holding in 3-15m all across the north side of Port Abercrombie. Move across Port Abercrombie to Bradshaw Cove on Kaikoura Island if wind shifts to south.
Features:This is private land, so check at house to see if it is OK to take a walk to Moors Peak, the site of an old WWII radar station and great views. In 1850 the 409-tonne 'Stirlingshire', the largest sailing ship ever built in New Zealand, was launched here. There are now no traces left of either the shipyard or the kauri forests. There is good fishing all around this harbour.
Contacts:Great Barrier Maritime Radio VHF Ch 25 and Ch 1.

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