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The founder Mark Airey successfully managed a stable of Independent News Ltd magazines for over 15 years.

The publication that he started on and enjoyed the most success with, was New Zealand Fishing News, it became the 18th largest magazine in the country and the largest fishing magazine of it's type in the southern hemisphere.

Mark also managed the magazines Fish & Game NZ (Qantas award winner) Target Taupo, Horse & Pony, Sale Ring, NZ Trucking, Truck Trader & the Map Guide.

In 2003 I.N.L sold the magazine division to the Australian corporate Fairfax, which gave Mark the opportunity to strike out on his own and "put his money where his mouth is".

Spot X  Outdoor Knowledge

Our mission is to developing a collection of books, charts, maps, Booklets , digital platforms and tools that will quench the enormous thirst Kiwis have for the outdoors.

With a passion for the outdoors and a wealth of publishing experience the owners Mark Airey , John Honeycombe and Cameron Smirk  along with their Xpert partners in each field, are building a stable of SpotX Guides in an effort to help satisfy the insatiable thirst Kiwi's have for knowledge of the outdoors.  


Spot X  has a potential market of over 1 million New Zealanders who fish at least once every year. 200,000 of them would claim recreational fishing as their sport.

With the world social media and the new digital age of consumers. SpotX leverages these channels to grow awareness of its products and educate keen outdoor enthusiasts

Marks strong relationship with NZ Fishing News, Fish & Game NZ and the recreational fishing industry gives him the unique ability to saturate the market with the brand Spot X.

Using regular advertising, monthly product reviews, sponsored features and product featured as Subscription, Boat show and Tournament prizes throughout the year


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