Spot X Surfing NZ will be a 'must read' for anyone planning to surf New Zealand, it is a compilation of knowledge gleaned after years of experience by some of this country's finest surfers.

Pita Ngaru has been a mad keen surfer for longer than he cares to remember. Over the years he has had a passion for exploring new breaks and as a result has surfed from one end of the country to the other.

Pita's surfing expertise and the unselfish sharing of knowledge by the local Xperts has resulted in a comprehensive book featuring:

  • Over 300 Spots from Northcape to Bluff.
  • Topographic maps with access to spots clearly shown.
  • Best wind, tide, season and swell.
  • Surf quality, experience needed, consistency and wave type.
  • Local services, accommodation and facilities.

Author: Pita Ngaru
ISBN:   978-1-877374-67-8
Edition:1st Edition (152 pages)



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