Over 400 GPS anchorages and marinas nationwide with information on services and related activities.
Mike Pigneguy has always been involved with boats and ships, and with his partner Dee, they owned and operated the 96ft 'Te Aroha'  out of Auckland for fifteen years, taking groups of around 20 passengers on 3 and 5 day natural history cruises around New Zealand's wonderful Northland Coast.

With his intimate knowledge of the New Zealand coast and its people, Mike is the perfect choice to author this cruising book. Supplementing his knowledge with assistance from expert charter boat skippers Dave Arrel, Llew Jones and Rick Pollock.

  • Northcape to Eastcape.
  • Over 400 anchorages and marinas.
  • All illustrated with Hydrographic charts.
  • Gps waypoints, bottom types, dangers and exposure.
  • Services, fuel, water, rubbish, gas, air fills, customs & MAF
  • Sightseeing, fishing, diving, snorkeling, walks and history

Author: Mike Pigneguy
ISBN: 1-877374-69-5
Edition:1st Edition(184 pages)

Cruising Regions

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