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SpotX Publications are available from Whitcoulls, Paper Plus, Leading Book Stores, Tackle Shops and Online.

Fishing Guide, Hunting Guide, Cape to Cape 2nd Edition, Freshwater New Zealand, Golfing New Zealand, Fishing Knowledge, Tramping New Zealand, Diving New Zealand, Fishing Spot Charts, Surfcasting Charts and How to Booklets available from Whitcoulls, selected Service Stations, leading Bookstores and Tackle Stores.

SpotX Publications Ltd was founded in 2004, launching with the now popular range of  SpotX books, charts, maps and booklets that are sold throughout New Zealand.

With a passion for the outdoors and a wealth of publishing experience the owners Mark Airey and John Honeycombe, along with their Xpert partners in each field, are building a stable of SpotX Guides in an effort to help satisfy the insatiable thirst Kiwi's have for knowledge of the outdoors.

SpotX Publications specialize in publishing Books, Charts, Maps, and How-to Booklets to help quench the enormous thirst Kiwis have for the "How, Where and When of recreational outdoors"


To-date SpotX  have published three best sellers: Cape to Cape, NZ Fishing Guide and the NZ Hunting Guide 

We have 3 new books: Boat Fishing , Hunting 3rd Edition and Surfcasting 2nd Edition.

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Fishing Spots

Our Fishing Spot Charts are the actual Hydrographic Charts, with all sorts of relevant information added by our local Xpert, featuring fishing spots with the GPS co-ordinates and information on how to fish each spot.

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Surfcasting Spots

Our Surfcasting Spots are for the fisherman who is just taking up the sport, fishing an area he is unfamiliar with or just looking for a new spot. The maps feature fishing spots, how to find them, how best to fish them and even a fitness level required to reach them.

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How To

Our How-to Booklets are just that, anything that the New Zealand recreational fisherman wants to know. Be it Knots and Rigs for Surfcasting, Soft-baits, Saltwater and Freshwater to the common Knots and Splices for the Kiwi Boatie and FIsh I.D so you know your catch.

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